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Why Preplan a Funeral

Plan for the Future

For over 115 years families of the Tucson Catholic Community
have traditionally chosen our cemeteries for their burial needs.

A Catholic cemetery is truly different than any other cemetery. Catholic theology teaches us that our sacraments and traditions bring us closer to our Lord in Heaven throughout our lives. From baptism to our burial, we are blessed and honored as a temple of the Holy Spirit and a child of God. Our staff at our cemeteries are prepared to honor you and your loved ones within our hallowed grounds. 

Planning ahead is one of the most loving and responsible things you can do for your family. In pre-planning your funeral cemetery services, you can ensure your wishes are met, avoid emotional overspending, and produce peace of mind for yourself and for your loved ones.

When to Choose A Burial Place

Determining where you and your family will be laid to rest when the time comes can be a difficult decision, as can deciding when to make that decision. Before you ultimately decide, speak with your loved ones and then call us, we at the Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries are here to serve you.

Considering your options now means the planning can be done thoughfully and calmly.

Benefits of Planning in Advance

  • Secure peace of mind
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Ensure your wishes are met
  • Avoid emotional overspending
  • Reserve an inspiring location for you and your family
  • Cemetery services are guaranteed at today’s prices

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