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Where to Begin

Planning a burial for a loved one can seem overwhelming. The Diocese of Tucson Catholic Cemeteries have guided families through the process for over 115 years.

Nearing Death

If your loved one is a baptized Catholic, we highly encourage you to consider calling a priest before your loved one’s passing to allow for the sacrament of Last Rites to be performed. This is best done a few days prior to their passing when they are a bit more aware and can possibly receive the Eucharist and give a final confession. We understand this isn’t always a possibility depending on the circumstance but do highly encourage it.

Within Hours

If you find a loved one has passed away outside of a healthcare facility, you must alert emergency personnel about their passing. If your loved one was being cared for by a presiding physician, then please contact them as well.

If your loved one passes within a healthcare facility, then they will do this step for you, and may also contact your chosen funeral home if they know that information. Otherwise, please reach out to the funeral home of your choice to make arrangements for your loved one.

Meeting With Our Staff

Our Family Service Advisors are available to meet with you and your family to help make the necessary burial arrangements for your loved one. You can expect a warm and sincere welcome filled with prayer, understanding, and genuine care.