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Burial Services

All services are performed in accordance with sacred Catholic tradition.


Our Catholic faith teaches that all life is precious, always to be treated with dignity. From the earliest days of Christianity, the Catholic community has reverently laid a loved one to rest in sacred ground awaiting the Resurrection of the Dead.

There are many gardens in our Catholic Cemeteries from which to choose if ground burial is desired.

Veterans can be laid to rest with fellow comrades in the Veteran’s Garden at Holy Hope Cemetery. There is a special mass offered on Memorial Day to commemorate those that served.

Adjacent to the Veteran’s Garden is our Garden of Valor. It is dedicated to those Police and Fire personnel who have served to protect and keep us safe.

Catholics who have a special devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe find comfort in praying before the statue of Our Lady, which is the centerpiece in the garden that commemorates her.
The Knights of Columbus have an area where they and their families are remembered for all the good and generous works they have done for the church.

In addition to the above, there are many other beautiful areas from which to select a final resting place. We invite you to visit our cemeteries and walk our sacred grounds to feel the serenity and peace a Catholic Cemetery holds for you.

Mausoleum Crypts/Niches

Jesus was laid to rest in a tomb a special form of burial.

Our community mausoleums may be an option you want to consider. When visiting the cemetery, ask about the features and advantages of mausoleum entombment.

A niche is a recessed panel on a wall into which an urn, containing cremated remains, can be permanently placed. The name of the deceased is memorialized on the front panel. Niches can be found in a mausoleum building or on a free-standing columbaria which is a collection of niches. Columbaria are placed in various gardens around our cemeteries.

Lawn Crypts

A Lawn Crypt is a practical choice for ground burial. It includes a grave and a concrete, outer burial container into which the casket is placed. Because we have pre-installed many Lawn Crypts they are less costly than purchasing a grave and a concrete outer burial container separately. A single Lawn Crypt will accommodate one casket and a double-depth Lawn Crypt will accommodate two caskets, one above the other.