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Bishop’s Message

At the moment of death, we are not alone. In a perfect setting we will be surrounded by our family and friends. However, no matter the circumstances, our faith tells us the Church is always present for us to reach out, in a special way, to bring Christ’s comfort, compassion and healing grace to our loved ones.

The Catholic Cemeteries in the Diocese of Tucson continues this tradition of support by providing blessed and sacred ground for the burial. A Catholic cemetery is a special place where the Faithful can gather, surrounded by the symbols of our faith and the fraternity of our fellow believers.

Holy Hope Cemetery and All Faiths Memorial Park have been serving the Catholic community for many generations. Our professional staff support and assist families as they put to rest a loved one. They guide Catholics through the necessary decisions, always keeping in mind Catholic tradition. In these cemeteries Mass is celebrated on a regular basis for the repose of the souls entrusted to our care.

I encourage you to support and make use of our Catholic cemeteries in the Diocese of Tucson. We need the peace and comfort of knowing that we are part of a community of faith that ,will support us and will be by our side at this most difficult time.